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Rules and Regulations


First of all, we at FLY are excited to welcome you to our flight! We are committed to keeping dancers, teachers, and parents at the forefront of all we do, from running an on time competition to maintaining a safe, friendly environment.

Before we get started, please read the following carefully. Failure to comply may result in point deductions and/or disqualification from competition.


Safety is our number one priority at FLY. However, competition dancers take on inherent risks when participating in any physical activity. Participation in FLY Dance Competition indicates acceptance of these risks; thus, it is agreed that all participants and spectators will not hold FLY Dance Competition, nor any of its staff, liable for any accidents, injuries, or theft of any kind.

To do your part, we ask that you supervise any children in your care. We ask that you be responsible for your belongings. For the safety of our performers, no flash photography or videography is permitted. If you see anything suspicious or unsuitable, please let a FLY staff member know immediately.


The Title Competition is an opportunity for your dancer to compete against the best-of-the-best from that event within their level and age group. 

Title winners receive the following to redeem for the same competition year:

  • 50% off Fly Nationals Master Classes.

  • Free Opening Number @ Nationals (Costume cost separate).

  • $100 in Fly Miles for Fly Dance Convention.

Studios can redeem any of these prizes for their dancers by contacting us.

There is no limit to how many solos can also enter for title. Title is offered to First Time Flyer, Business Class and First Class levels and one will be given out to each age division (Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen, Senior) as well. 


The title score will be an independent score from the solo score and will be out of a total of 50 points and a combined score out of 150. The highest-scoring title in each age division above and level will be awarded. The Title score will be added to the routine score for a combined score of up to 450 points.


FLY Dance Competition is a public event. We never have any ticket fees for the audience. Please adhere to our no food and beverage policy inside the auditorium, unless otherwise noted at the venue. Most venues do allow food in the lobby and dressing rooms but please have your dancers clean up around them before leaving. For the safety of our performers, no flash photography or videography is permitted by any spectator.

Video Critiques

At FLY, we know how important video critiques are for dancers and staff alike. That’s why they’re included with every entry. Each routine will be judged by three separate judges, whose critiques will be recorded on individual tracks.


All video critiques will be uploaded to the studio’s account within 3 business days of the event. Video critiques may be downloaded for future review.

Photo and Video

FLY Dance Competition will have a professional photographer and videographer present at every event. You can preview and order media after the event at


Special Studio Offer: Receive all photos and videos from all routines for a small fee per dancer. All dancers must participate in the offer to qualify at the special rate. This will be added to the registration page of the website or can be removed entirely by contacting us.

Entry Fees

Please log into your studio account to view current pricing.

Entry Types

Solos (Single Performer)

Duos/Trios (2-3 Performers)

Small Group (4-9 Performers)

Large Group (10-19 Performers)

Line (20+ Performers)

Production* (20+ Performers)

* = Production routines must have a storyline, plot or narrative throughout, like that of a film, book, play, etc. to them.

Age Divisions


FLY is pleased to offer the following categories:




Hip Hop


Musical Theatre




Special Flyers with Special Needs
Specialty (Traditional/Cultural Routines)


Vocal (One Wireless Microphone Provided)


Specialty category is reserved for Traditional/Cultural routines showing dance from a culture or tradition. 

Any acts with more than 3 Acro tricks should be considered in the Acro or Open category*.

(*= Hip-Hop and Specialty are allowed any number of Gym/Acro tricks.)

At FLY Dance Competition, the age divisions are as follows:


Mini: 6 and under
Petite: 7-8
Junior: 9-11

Teen: 12-14

Senior: 15-18

Adult: 19+


The age division for acts with multiple dancers will be decided as such: add up the age of all the dancers, then divide by the number of dancers in the routine. Drop the decimal point, and do not round up.

Performance Time Limits


Solo - 3 minute limit

Duet/Trio - 4 minute limit

Small & Large Groups - 5 minute limit

Line: 8 minute limit

Production: 8 minute limit

Those routines exceeding their allotted time may be deducted 5 points overall. Extended performance time is available (up to 1:00 minute for a fee of $5.00 per performer) for Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines, and Productions.

Classes of Competition

Please double check your level requirements for 2023


FLY is pleased to offer three divisions. Please place your dancers in the appropriate level to have a fun and fair competition

First Time Flyer — students taking approximately 1-3 hours of classes per week. This is the more recreational division of FLY. If performing in more than 1 solo, dancer must be moved up to Business Class

Business Class — students taking approximately 4-6 hours of classes per week. This is the intermediate level and meant for dancers who are not beginners

First Class — students taking more than 7+ hours of classes per week. This is the more advance level meant for more experienced dancers.

To keep things fair here at FLY, If a dancer is in more than 2-3 routines we recommend that they not be in the first time flyer division. Hours practicing routines or privates also count towards total hours. We want to keep the First Time Flyer division for more recreational dancers that are not ready for the intermediate levels. 

How routine levels are determined

Each level is assigned a point value in our registration system (1, 2 or 3). A tie in the points system will make the routine the higher level, otherwise, the average level will be assigned to the routine.


A small group with 4 First Time Flyer Dancers (4 points) and 2 Business Class Dancers (4 Points) would be a tie in our points system and therefore be assigned the Business Class level.


A small group with 3 First Time Flyer Dancers and 1 Business Class dancer would be averaged out to First Time Flyer level for that routine.


Props are permitted at FLY Dance Competition. Please be courteous will all props. Do not leave them backstage when not in use, defined as more than one (1) hour prior to or after the routine. Props must be able to be fully set up onstage within one (1) minute or the routine may suffer a point reduction. Any props left after the event will be disposed of. For the safety of all dancers, no props may be taller than ten (10) feet, and no dancer may stand on platforms higher than six (6) feet. No dangerous props may be used. If a prop will take longer than 15 seconds to place please notify FLY so we can add time into the schedule for larger props


All music must be uploaded during the registration process. No changes to the music are permitted less than two (2) weeks prior to the event. Please bring a backup of your music to the event on a phone, USB drive, or iPod in case of of technical difficulties. Title your music in the following format: ACTNUMBER_ROUTINENAME_STUDIO.

FLY Dance Competition is a family friendly competition. The use of profanity and vulgar language is strictly prohibited. Should any staff member or judge feel uncomfortable with a chosen song, there may be a point deduction and/or disqualification.


FLY has three judges at each competition. Each judge will score the routine out of a total of 100 points. The three scores will be added to get a cumulative score. The routines will be judged on the following:

Technique (50 points)

Performance/Execution (25 points)

Stage Presence (15 points)
Overall Impression (10 points)

FLY is a family friendly competition, and we take this very seriously. An inappropriate or vulgar routines will be deducted up to twenty (20) points or may be disqualified.

FLY has the following awards levels:


In the “First Time Flyer” division:

Million Miler: 275-300
Private Charter: 255-274

International Traveler: 240-254

Frequent Flyer: 0-239


In the “Business Class” division:

Million Miler: 280-300
Private Charter: 260-279

International Traveler: 240-259

Frequent Flyer: 0-239

In the “First Class” division:

Million Miler: 280-300
Private Charter: 260-279

International Traveler: 240-259

Frequent Flyer: 0-239

FLY Improv Competition

FLY is pleased to offer an improv competition at every event. Each age division will hold an improv competition at their final awards. Each dancer may enter one time per competition weekend.

Dancers will perform individually for 30 seconds to a song they have not previously heard. Once everyone has performed individually, everyone will dance together to a different song for another 30 seconds. The judges may have a third round if needed

The cost of the improv competition is $25 per dancer in advance or $30 on site. Depending on how many dancers sign up, there may be cash prizes awarded

Studio Rebates

The sooner your studio can give a rebate, the better rebate you will get!

Cash Awards, Scholarships & Fly Miles

FLY Dance Competition offers cash prizes, FLY Miles and scholarships at every competition.


Redeeming Prizes

  • Prizes earned by a dancer as part of a studio remain with the studio.

    • Studios may transfer prizes earned by an individual dancer by emailing FLY Dance through the email address on file in their studio account.​​

    • The following must be noted: name of the original studio, event city and year where the prize was earned, and name of the dancer.

  • Scholarships must be redeemed at least 2 weeks prior to an event.

    • Studios redeeming a scholarship for a routine must have one other paid routine alongside the scholarship routine.​​

  • FLY Miles may not be transferred between studios nor to an independent dancer.

  • FLY Miles can be used to pay up to 50% of your balance.

    • Any remaining Fly Miles can be used at a future FLY event.

      • Individual and group discounts are applied prior to any FLY Miles.​

      • Any deposits are applied prior to any FLY Miles.

      • Promotional credit earned from FLY is defined as "FLY Miles".

  • Studios may redeem up to one personal prize or scholarship per dancer per event.

    • Example: Jane earned $100 toward Convention and a Free Solo for any FLY event. Only one of these may be redeemed at an event. The second can be redeemed at another FLY event that year.

      • Group discounts, such as Adjustable Early Bird Discounts remain unaffected.

      • Fly Miles cannot be combined with Dancer Prizes (Free Solo, Free Half Solo, Free Convention Entry...)

Performance Order

In order to run on time events, FLY performs routines in order. Please check in with the backstage manager thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled performance time. Dancers not present due to rehearsing or dancers that perform out of order without prior permission may receive a point deduction. Dancers shall have at least 3 dances in between numbers to change.

Closing Showcase for Convention

At each of our FLY conventions, we will be having a closing showcase. Throughout the weekend, the convention faculty will be selecting certain dancers or the entire class to perform the choreography from their class that they just learned. Anywhere between 5-15 classes will be selected to perform in front of their friends and family at the end of the convention. Also, the top 3 highest scoring solos from the competition from Saturday will also be asked to perform. At the end of the closing showcase, we will announce our co-pilot program where certain dancers who have impressed the faculty, may be selected to be an assistant for the following year. This showcase should run between 20-30 minutes and all are welcome to attend.

Additional Information

There are no refunds for competition fees for any reason.

Venues are subject to change.

Doors to the theatre open thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the competition. Doors for dressing rooms open 45 minutes prior to the competition.

By attending a FLY Dance Competition event, all students, choreographers, and teachers agree to give permission to be photographed and videotaped and agree to allow FLY to use any photos or footage for publicity, branding, and advertising.

By registering a routine, the studio or independent dancer is stating that they have the right to perform that choreography and anything encompassing that routine's performance.

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