We at FLY Dance Competition want to keep you dancing!

We are so excited to keep your dancers dancing! We are very happy to offer a Virtual Live Improv Competition. Please see the below information...

A few notes to consider for how it works.


Age Categories

We have 2 different age groups for our Improv Competition 

10 and Under

11 and up


How it works

Please pay below for the improv competition and let us know what age group you will be competing in. We will have 2 age categories and this will be a LIVE Virtual Improv Competition hosted on zoom. Each dancer will have approximately 1 minute to dance to a song they have not rehearsed to, that will be played when the dancer is selected.


Each dancer will be highlighted when it is their turn so everyone can watch the selected dancer. We will have 2 judges that will deliberate after each section to pick the winners. Based on the number of participants there may be a final round before the awards have been announced. Cash prizes and other awards will be awarded based on how many people register.


After Payment

The day before the LIVE Virtual Improv Competition, we will email the registered dancers, the access code and URL to log in. We will also let you know what number to wear. You can make a number out of paper and safety pin it to your shirt. You can wear any dance related costume, clothing or leotard.



The 2 judges will be watching the improv competition live as well and will make their decisions. They will give out special awards and we will announce the winners for each category at the Livestream award ceremony.

Upcoming Virtual Improv Competitions:


Sunday Aug 23rd


10 and under at 3pm EST and 11 and up at 4pm EST

Awards and Replay of Improv at 7PM EST:

Tues Aug 25th

Our Improv competition will be streamed on a password protected zoom which the link and password will be emailed to you the night before the competition to not allow any hackers.


The livestream award ceremony will be on the home page of and FB Live!

Register for Improv Here:


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