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FLY Dance Competition has partnered with the Non-Profit, Spark Evolution to help support studios in need. Studios are apply to apply for grants to help with their businesses in these challenging times. Every little bit helps so please give what you can! Thank you for being a part of FLY's mission to lend a helping hand. 

Spark Evolution A NON-PROFIT organization creating a judgment free environment by educating the public about today’s social issues through social media & entertainment within music, dance and acting. #antibully #antiviolence #racialunity #lgbtq #equalrights #autismawareness and so much more…


Donations will continue to help Spark provide Grants to Performing Arts, Dance & Music Studio's and/or Schools; with their "Light A Spark, Make a Difference" Grant Program and Social Awareness Music Videos and/or Short Films. 

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